It is always useful for beginners and pros alike to check the current reviews on e-cigarette since new designs and innovations are being sold in the market now and then. Reading reviews is an easy way to get updated about the current trends in e-cigarettes and if there any that would suit your tastes. So which models are dominating the e-cigarette rankings for 2017? Which are the hottest and most sought-after brands? Here is a short list of the best e-cigarettes that every e-cigarette beginner should consider purchasing.

The Hottest E-Cigarettes For Beginners

  • Ex series e-cigarettes

This e-cigarette is certainly a crowd favorite. Several people believe that there are great beauty and simplicity, and same can be applied on e-cigarettes. There are customers who get intimidated by the needed maintenance and refills when using e-cigarettes which the Ex series had minimized. The Ex series is one of the e-cigarettes with the simplest design and had removed the hassle of its use by making the cartridges leak free, pre-filled and refillable.

  • XEO Void

If you want to find the most modern e-cigarette, we have it for you. An e-cigarette that is made in Germany, the XEO Void is an e-cigarette that can boast several innovations in its design and function. This model is a sleek, durable and can hold larger amounts of liquid (2ml) compared to the other e-cigarette designs. The XEO Void is recommendable for both amateurs and heavy users because of its variable airflow settings. This e-cigarette allows you to control how much you would like to draw from your device.

  • Halo Tracer Twist

Worth adding to the e-cigarette rankings is the Halo Tracer Twist for those who want to maximize the amount of vapor they can get from their device. The Halo Tracer Twist can provide the most amount of vapor and are great for cloud chasers. This e-cigarette can hold an astounding 4 ml of liquid and run by a 2300mAH battery. No wonder that it had easily become one of the classic designs.