There are a lot of ways to naturally increase fertility, however, some of of them are so surprising that you wouldn’t believe that it’s true. A research study shows that losing weight increases fertility, and one ingredient in that equation is eating a bigger breakfast. Why? Because it gets the day off to a healthy start and also fills you up so you’re not snacking on unhealthy foods during the day.

As you eat a big breakfast, include only healthy foods that can help boost fertility both for men and women. Eating foods rich in iron, fiber and antioxidants, like vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains, and vegetable proteins, helps decrease the risk of infertility.

Young adults should remember that obesity has a high risk of infertility and the lack of good nutrition also adds to the risk. That’s why a bigger breakfast to have a good start in a day is a healthy lifestyle. To naturally increase fertility, a well-balanced diet is an ideal lifestyle that should be followed. Teenagers and younger adults are always skipping meals or eating an unbalanced diet. They are busy going out with friends, busy with school or work projects or assignments, and not as likely to pay attention to their health. Those are habits that can cause infertility, so it’s best to avoid the risks as soon as possible.

Young adults are fond of eating fast foods which are loaded with trans-fat, high-carbs, and unhealthy additives, so it’s important to cut down on those meals or replace them with meals made with healthy ingredients. Although everyone eats in fast food restaurants sometimes, it should not be an everyday meal. As a supplement to a bigger breakfast, add in multivitamins to support the body’s functions including ovulation and reproduction.

In summary, breakfast is important and it’s bad for fertility to skip meals. Make a habit of paying attention to proper nutrition, and the risk of infertility will be much lower.