You should buy an email tracking and analytics service instead of trying to save money and using a free service. The reason for this is because freeware email analytics are about as worthless as registry cleaners. They more often than not give out prompts for you to buy them to allow you to view their complete analytics, so they’re more like free trial software than real free software. What’s more, the best email tracking and analytics are simply those that are propriety services. A free program for email tracking tends to give you an incomplete picture, so it’s like an unfinished puzzle more often than not. You want to see both the big picture and the details behind them. You can’t get that from freeware.

The Best Benchmark for Statistics Comparison

  • Comparing Your Statistics to a Benchmark: Instead of comparing your company with other companies, you should instead compare your emails with one another, taking note of which ones are getting your business and which ones are ineffective. You should also be aware of what kind of click-through rates and open rates other email marketers are getting so that you have a good idea whether or not your campaign is even worthwhile.
  • Click-Through Rates Are Where It’s At: Open rates or the percentage of emails you’ve sent are opened are important and dictates all the other percentages you’re working with. However, since you’re sending your email to a captive or willing audience of subscribers already, it’s better to be more focused on getting them to act rather than simply having them open your email. The better emails are those with strong calls to action and getting up your click-through rate.
  • Wording and Keywords: Fashioning your email isn’t just about your wording and keywords. The presentation and layout are also crucial, but the most important thing you should focus on is the promos you have and when you send your email. Sometimes, closing the deal is simply about timing. The little things or metrics like Twitter follows or reading your latest blog post can translate to the customer ultimately buying your product and, as a bonus, referring your email or newsletter to their friends.