The best kind of pet rabbits is known as Flemish giant rabbits. They can grow as big as dogs and just like dogs they can be very friendly. When raising large rabbits as pets, owners should know how to handle them with great care. Since they can get really big and heavy, it is not advisable for kids to carry them, plus their back spine must be checked frequently. They can weigh as much as 22 pounds thus they require bigger living quarters. The recommended size of indoor rabbit cages is 5 feet by 3 feet. A rabbit that weighs over 12 pounds must be kept in five square feet floor space.

Should you keep your rabbits indoors?
Pet rabbits must be kept indoors so they have frequent interaction with humans. This way, they stay meek and less destructive. There should be a designated area or room for rabbits to play around. A playpen is recommended, then you can put them in indoor rabbit cages later. It is advisable to get an appropriate cage for rabbits so they don’t get destructive particularly when you are not around. Furthermore, it is easier to feed rabbits inside a cage. You may take them out from their cages once and a while with proper guidance.

How often should you feed your pet rabbits?
Flemish giant rabbits can get really big, they eat as much as 0.5kg of dried rabbit pellets a day. As they grow bigger, you need to feed them more. A high protein diet is what they need for stronger and bigger bones and muscles. Hay may be given to these large rabbits, as well as occasional treats like apples, cabbage, and broccoli. However, they must be given in very small amounts only. Flemish giant rabbits reach their full size once they reach one year and five months.