You or your parents may have collected some vinyl records in the past that have gathered dust, or better yet are still being players thanks to some vintage turntable that you have inherited from your parents. For the music aficionados, turntables are a better option to digital players because the audio quality that comes out from this analogue device are considered way better than their digital counterpart. With the turntables and record players making an interesting comeback, there are now a lot of turntables produced that still get to play good quality audio, promises not to damage vinyl records, but also get to play using modern audio accessories. The best part of this is that you do not have to scrape the barrel or rob the bank in order to buy one for yourself.

Not expensive but good quality

The best turntables with speakers need not be very expensive. You need not invest in a German made bullet-proof design Clearaudio turntable that costs a whopping $75,000, if what you are after is high-quality audio. There are some averagely priced turntables with built-in speakers that are already available in the market and can satisfy even the most sound quality obsessed consumer out there. In fact, some experts say that you can already have a good quality turntable with built-in speakers for around $200 or even less if you know where to find them.

All in one unit or best turntables with speakers are also compact, very portable and can still look chic and stylish at the same time. There are those with cases designed like vintage luggage to give that retro vibe such as the Crosley Cruiser. In terms of audio quality and other features, some of the good ones come with all the bells and whistles like:
• USB ports
• Bluetooth connectivity
• Phono preamplifiers