The DomCop is considered as one of the tools online for finding expired domains that are not a desktop application. In addition to this, it is also known for doing more research for searching all the relevant expired domains to your inputted keyword. Others say that it can be used for searching auctions or just some browser expired domains. What makes this tool good is that if you are able to input the keyword perfectly or if you put the filters correctly, you will be able to determine all those available expired domains in the Internet market.

However, this tool is notorious for its huge price rate that usually cost up to $99 a month for up to ten crawlers. However, if you only got 1 crawler and you have at least 10 items, you have to wait for the first one to finish before the next one would proceed. Basically, the remaining will be out in the queue. Another disadvantage of this tool is that it was very slow in producing its output. The DomComp, in general, is poor or very slow in finding expired domain names and crawlers.

Domain Hunter Gatherer
Another tool for finding an expired domain is the domain hunter gatherer. Basically, the purpose of these expired domains is for you to be able to have an upper hand in the competition by having more resources to work on or customize with.

The domain hunter gatherer is known for its multiple features that allow it find those expired domains easier. It is also capable of providing some key metric and a friendly interface equipped with multiple tools in order for you to be able to access some of the most well-aged and most high-quality domains. What makes this tool best is because everything was set to auto-pilot mode.