What Is The Importance Of A Kik Username?
A Kik username is the form of identification for individual accounts that users are required to have in order to use the app to chat. They are unique to each user, meaning that no two usernames can be exactly the same.

Can A User Be Found Using Their Kik Username?
Yes, a user can be found with their username. This is a built-in feature of the application and affords users with a degree of anonymity while still allowing them leeway in order to talk to other people. This is great for users who want to find their real-life friends on the app.

How Can A User Talk To Others?
One can share their username to other people that they want to talk to, though creators of the application advice users to keep their Kik usernames private to avoid being contacted by random people or strangers. This helps users maintain anonymity while using the application while still providing them with a way to contact people and chat with them, as well as form groups to chat with a number of people.

However, some users would still want to be able to find other users to chat with but don’t have the capability to do so as they don’t know the exact username of other users. This is especially true when one wants to chat with users of specific genders such as male or female or to chat with users who share the same interests as them. In such cases. Using websites such as Kik usernames which allow users to find other users based on certain interests is also possible. They are easy to access online and can help users talk to a higher number of people as opposed to just depending on public chats or guessing a username of a random user.