How many times have you joined League of Legends only to find someone constantly flaming or is AFK? One of the better tips in getting better in playing and improving your win rate in the game League of Legends is playing with your friends. It is recommended to even play with as many friends as possible. It takes out the anonymity in the competition, and you are more or less likely to correctly assume whether your friend is a noob or not on the team.

Benefits of playing with friends

Although you get to meet new people in the game, playing with someone you already know can you avoid the aforementioned disasters from happening to your game. There are some benefits to playing with friends such as:

  • Communicating is a lot easier, not just in chat but also voice
  • You can play with your buddy in the same room and plan and execute strategies more efficiently

No friends, no problem

However, there may be times when you feel like playing probably to continue your winning streak or simply what to practice some more, but your friends are not available. Worse, what if your friends are not interested in playing LoL at all? One option is for you to buy League of Legends accounts that you can also play. Getting another LoL account is also a good strategy in getting better at the game because you can learn a new champ without sacrificing, say your winning streak on your main account.

When you buy League of Legends accounts other than your main account, you do not risk your current rank and LP. Instead of practicing with bots, you can practice using your second account to play right away into ranked games and get some real practice. Once you think that you have already mastered a certain champion, then you can switch back to your main account and play with it.