One of the things that people try when they go to other places or different country is the delicacy of the area. They want to see and taste the difference in terms of delicacy. That’s why people make sure that they include that in their itinerary.

If you happen to visit South East Asian countries, specifically in Singapore, you should definitely try Singapore food and experience a different kind of dining experience.

What kind Of Food You Can Taste

If you are finding something cute and a bit japanese-style, you should go at Kumoya x Tokidoki Cafe, which serves cuisines based on Japan such as onigiri, omurice, takoyaki, and so on. With the cute theme that the cafe presented, it will surely make anime lovers feel at home and enjoy the atmosphere in the cafe, complete with waitress in a maid outfit. Another place is Jimoto Ya, if you prefer ramen noodles complete with either a beer or wine that you can order from the cooks. Even some recipes of their ramen are mixed with Whisky.

For those who are looking for more fine dining, perhaps a steak? Then, you should go at Morton’s because they serve the most flavourful steaks around the area. It might not be the signature Singapore food, but the chefs kicked it up a notch, making customers to buy some more.

If you are looking for a more familiar taste with a twisr, Amò is a pizza place based on Italian flavors. If you are craving for a crust with different sorts of toppings, like marinara or pesto as the base, satisfaction will be guaranteed once you taste their best-selling pizza flavors. These are just some of the places and food that you can try at Singapore. Some traveler’s blog mention other places that you might also like to try as well.