Ways to Host A Fully Functional Website

There are a few ways in where an organization or an entity can secure a fully functional site on the internet, these methods are different to each other due to the different problems each can solve in order to publish a site on the web. The first method would be for the organization to host their own server, this includes the need for expensive hardware and software, plus all the miscellaneous like internet connection, electricity, backups, security, physical location, virtual location, and the manpower to handle the operation, this method is the most expensive way to host a site.

The second one would be to use cloud hosting, this kind of hosting done by an entity by paying an annual fee to the owner of the servers in order to rent their hardware as well as their services and all the miscellaneous, this is the cheapest and most affordable method of publishing a fully functional sites on domains like “.com” “.org” and “.edu”.

The last one would be to use what we call as colocation, this service is to enable entities to have their own servers with their own hardware and software while renting a physical space on a remote location, as well as being provided with all the miscellaneous such as internet connection, power supply, backups, virtual address, and security.

Why Server Colocation Cannot Be Replaced

Although the less expensive option to publish a website on the internet is through cloud hosting, there are still a lot of reasons why someone would prefer and take advantage of colocation. There are a lot of limitations when it comes to cloud serving, often times, the site is limited to pages, speed, security, overall one does not have full control of the server, the site may be important to be up on a certain date, yet one cannot make sure of that as they do no control the server. This is the reason why having your own hardware can make a site a lot more stable, usually to 100% of the time the site will still be up if the people operating will it to be so.