Marijuana as a recreational drug is illegal in many countries. As a medicine, on the other hand, it is very beneficial making it one of the most sought of alternatives in many countries including Germany and Canada. In these countries, access to medical marijuana is easy and cheap which makes it really beneficial for patients who are suffering from some neurological disorders. It is also a good pain killer making it a good alternative for morphine. The best thing about this as a pain killer is the fact that it is cheaper and safer compared to morphine. In countries where recreational marijuana is legal, the supply is much higher compared to the demand making the price lower.

Neurological Disorders

Patients who are suffering from Parkinson’s disease will definitely benefit from marijuana’s extract called CBD oil. This compound helps reduce the muscle and motor control degenerating property of the disease. It also works really well with patients who are suffering from epilepsy. Both disease causes motor control degeneration and are linked to the brain. This means that many treatments around the world does not really guarantee a one hundred percent cure. Although CBD is still on its way to being proven, a lot of evidences are already found to be positive.

Buying Marijuana

Buying marijuana does not always mean that you are going to use it for recreational purposes. Although in countries where this is legal, there will be no problems. Besides, there are already some marijuana products that are processed as medicine and is highly available in countries where medical marijuana is legal. In countries where both recreational and medical marijuana is allowed, the process are a lot cheaper and the things that you need is highly available. There are even some marijuana farms producing their own extracts which can definitely pass as medicine but does not always remove the psychoactive compound.