There are several inventions that people may have been missing out on. There are even those types of innovative products that are far more advantageous to use than the current products. A good example of this is the tesla lighter. Instead of using the regular lighters, this can be used for one’s own advantage in so many different aspects.

A More Advantageous Type Of Lighter
Before getting to know about the advantages of this type of lighter, it is vital to know what it is first. The reason why these are called tesla lighters is that the lighter incorporates the Tesla coil, enabling the product to produce current, thus, having it called also as the electric lighter. Instead of having flames for the output, the lighter only exhibits electricity, leaving out no smoke. That is one advantage when having this type of lighter. Also, since this is powered by electricity, the lighter is rechargeable so there is no need to always purchase every time lighters are needed. Simply charge the lighter when it is consumed (it takes about an hour to have it fully charged) and it becomes usable. This characteristic makes the purchase worth it. Even though the tesla lighter is not as cheap as disposable lighters, the overall expenses for it make the electric lighter more favorable.

Great To Bring Around
Another characteristic of these types of lighters is the many designs to choose from. It is great to bring around because it is sleek, stylish, and highly functional. Instead of only relying on the fuel of lighters for the disposable type, charging the electric lighter is all it takes to have it in its typical usable state. Also, there is no problem of using this even when there is strong wind because the output is unaffected by it, unlike the flames. It is great for indoor as well as outdoor use, plus, waste will be minimized (both in money and materials) since the lighter is reusable.