Dating Culture Nowadays: Swiping Left And Right

With the advent of dating applications on the internet, how people date or the date culture nowadays has become fixated on swiping left and right to find people that they like or they can chat with. This phenomenon can be seen or interpreted as people preferring swiping left and right instead of meeting other people and forming relationships with them.

Why Dating Is More Rewarding Than Swiping

There are those who prefer seeing out people over simply swiping left and right and those who prefer the opposite. After all, it depends on one’s preference. However, the truth is that it is more rewarding to date rather than just using applications to swipe left and right. But exactly why is that so?

It is in the nature of humans to want fulfilling relationships and to fulfill their need for companionship and that is often fulfilled through having friendships and most importantly when one dates. In fact, the need for companionship and emotional fulfillment is included in the hierarchy of needs of humans, meaning it is necessary for the happiness and contentment of humans. This is why many dates and when they do, they find that life is more vibrant and satisfying.

On the other hand, using simply swiping left and right and not having meaningful conversations with other people is not just tiring, it is also not fulfilling. Also depending on the person, it may be a blow to their self-esteem and self-worth.

Therefore, instead of just swiping, it is best to get into the dating scene through the traditional methods of meeting with other people. Using an application to find potential partners is also not a bad idea. The important thing is that one sees that it is more rewarding and emotionally fulfilling to date rather than just swiping.